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The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) offers high-level undergraduate and postgraduate Education and Research in Agricultural Science, and its vision is to achieve Educational and Research Excellence so as to occupy a dynamic position in the international academic environment.  
True to its traditional role of responding to the productive and developmental needs of the Greek economy and society, the AUA intervenes and develops in line with  the development and orientation of modern education and science. Moreover, it is in continuous contact with society so as to make proposals and provide solutions to problems that arise within the agri-nutrition sector.

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University of Thessaly (UTH) was founded in 1984. UTH is a prominent institution of Higher Education aiming to promote scientific knowledge through teaching and research, and to contribute to the cultural and economic development of the local community, and the society at large.  It promotes scientific and academic excellence in all fields of expertise and rewards outstanding individual performances, establishing new scientific research units and fostering an environment that supports innovative actions.


Located at the Volcani Center campus in Bet-Dagan, near Tel-Aviv, ARO's six institutes are responsible for Plant Sciences, Animal Science, Plant Protection, Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Engineering, and Postharvest and Food Sciences. ARO also operates four research stations, in various parts of the country, and serves as a testing center for agricultural produce and equipment. Israel's Gene Bank for Agricultural Crops is also located on the ARO Volcani Center campus.
While encompassing the full range of agricultural research activities, ARO focuses in particular on arid zone agriculture, enabling Israel - a country short of all the resources required for agriculture - to achieve among the highest levels of agricultural output in the world.

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ASCA develops and manufactures environmentally friendly customized organic solar solutions on an industrial scale, offering unlimited design freedom for a wide range of applications, especially in the field of architecture, mobility and electronics. The ASCA team of experts is composed of sixty people spread over France and Germany. We accompany our partners from the conception phase to the development and integration of the ASCA® solutions, relying on a strong network of integrator partners.
ASCA® solar solutions are light, flexible, semi-transparent and fully customizable in terms of size and design. It can be easily integrated into various materials to make any surface energy active.
The technology, entirely designed and produced in France and Germany, is based on a low-carbon process and uses neither silicon nor rare earths.

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The TRDC is one of eight regional research centers partially funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Operating under the academic auspices of Tel Aviv University the center’s 18 researchers have a mandate to conduct applied research for the benefit of the community in the area called the Triangle a region in central Israel that is home t0 250,000 mostly Arab inhabitants.

All the research in a diverse range of fields from alternative energy, pharmaceutical biotechnology, advanced farming techniques, computer science and other fields is funded by the awards of competitive grants. So far three start-up companies have been created based on research conducted at the center and more are expected in the next two years.

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